Tuesday 26 August 2014

Is manifestation always what it's cracked up to be?

By now,  you know that on this blog we teach you that you can have whatever you desire in your life.

Sometimes,  it isn't always what you hoped it would be.  To conform with others or indeed to what we think should be everyones dream can often find that we don't really want a yacht.

Or a massive house with a lake in the grounds.... or millions of pounds or dollars which may cause overwhelm.

So what's the point?  The point is finding what it is that makes you feel happy.  What desires do you have really?  Get clear on those and you will find no end of ease in manifesting what you really want.

This is such a hard concept to grasp.  For instance, we have seen lately, via the news that sometimes,  big stars get to the top and can be the best in the industry and have fame everywhere they go.
Of course there is a sense of duty that comes with this.  There is a lack of privacy and this can also cause misery.  

Try thinking of 3 words which best describe you when you have the best feeling in the world.  Feelings like:
Financially free.

And the list goes on,  make your list then get it down to the 3 strongest feelings you have within the list.  My top spot is Freedom.  Therefore,  fame would not appeal to me on a level where I will not be able to walk the streets doing the shopping.

So what exactly do I mean?  I'll give you a perfect example.

Last weekend,  just for the fun of it,  my children and I went looking at very plush show houses on many new housing complexes that had just been built.

You would think that a manifestation would be a new house.  Bigger house?  Bigger garden and the like.  Out of the mouthes of babes my children mentioned how close we are to all the shops, schools, friends just now.  
"We wouldn't be able to get to school from here." They advised.
"I like my bedroom as it is really."
"Maybe we need to make our house look like a show home and clear out old things."
"Look, they don't have things around in this house.  No toothbrushes or keys...."

Great point.  And so we decided we are in our dream home and we are going to work hard at making improvements to it and just make a few changes to create a fresh feel.

Decide what you want.  Then go for it!

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Much love

Louise xoxox


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