Monday 18 August 2014

I need your help please - a new blog?

Hi there to all the lovely folks reading this blog.

Could you kindly help me with a comment below?  You see, if you follow this blog avidly, you will know that I am pretty soon off to University to venture into the world of Dietetics.
If that sounds like a foreign word to you,  it's all about Nutrition and at the end of it (after successfully graduating and registering) I will be able to practise as a Registered Dietitian.

Looking on the internet,  there are many blogs about cooking,  health,  weight loss etc but for the budding dietitian like me,  there really aren't so many student blogs.

So I would love to share my experiences on the blog platform as always.  Yet I'm unsure as to if I should use this pretty popular blog or start a totally new one.

I'd love your opinions on this.  Of course it will sometimes be technical stuff but often written with the reader in mind and more about the life experience within the Uni.  Which kind of fits into this Law of Attraction/lifestyle blog.

Please take a few minutes to leave me a comment below and I will keep you posted in return.  I will either share a new website and blog with you,  or I will let you know on here where I will place it within this website.

Thanks guys,  you're so awesome.

Much love

Louise xoxox

Here's the other blog announcing the news to become an RD


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