Monday 3 November 2014

Spreading yourself too thin?

We have all done it at times.

I'm as guilty as the next person.  Yes, we spread ourselves too thin.  What happens from there is this:

*You feel stressed.
*You realise you aren't achieving your goals.
*You get frustrated with yourself. 
*You wonder if you are actually as good at this stuff as you want to be. 

So, how can you make it easier?

*You could sleep less....well, maybe not less but for some, getting up an hour earlier (while the house is still quiet) can help you achieve more. 
*You could use apps for your social media (try hoot suite) and you can put all your posts in at once and schedule them for timed release. 
*How about employing a helper? Even if it's your teenagers to do the washing up.
*A PA would be even better!
*Someone on an apprenticeship can be great value and you're helping someone get on their career ladder. 
Or this one is golden:
*You can use google analytics to see where you could change things!

As an example, we hear so much from the gurus on how to niche down our subject areas. This isn't wrong. However, imagine if your audience were interested in you regardless of what you post/write/video.

Think about yourself as an audience member. Think about someone who you follow. If you subscribe to them on YouTube because they post great videos about bodybuilding, imagine if they posted a video from their holiday in California! How would that make you feel? 
Interested in them sharing? 
Irritated to the degree you unsubscribe? Or would you simply skip any content that doesn't interest you?

I would skip. But then, I'm very nosey so would likely watch it!
So, for me, a great way is to ask your audience. Google analytics tells me this blog has a higher % of men readers. This surprised me. Hi guys. Hi ladies too. Now, I feel inclined to share my hairdressing and beauty tips, as well as law of attraction, photos and nutrition (cooking too). Previously, I've felt compelled to separate all this up. 

Then I just log in to find I've neglected this blog in favour of my nutrition blog. Instead, how would you guys like to see me post the nutrition stuff here too?
If you aren't interested, skip it. 
This blog has been going quite some time and has a big audience every day. Makes sense to nurture this blog. 

It's just me. Talking about my interests. 

Let me know what you think.
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Next up, I'll tell you about my activity week in Scotland!

Much love

Louise xoxo


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