Tuesday 25 November 2014

3 steps on keeping positive

Getting the information you need to learn the Law of Attraction takes a whole lot of time.  I have been at it for some years now and still often get blown away with new ideas.  So, how do you learn what you need?  How, also, do you use it to keep positive when your day is not going so well as you would like?

There are so many tips and tricks that I will keep it simple on here and just share with you a few exercises that you can use to bring you right back into the state of mind that will allow you to push through the negativity.

* Breathe.  Use your lungs to full capacity.  Fill them deeply with air using your nose.  Then slowly release with an open mouth and try to calmly say 'AHH'.  This gives a vibration through your chest and seems to instantly 're set' things.

* If you are in the middle of a meeting, exam or such a place surrounded by people (who may find your 'ahhhh' a little weird) try this:
Look around you and begin to name things you see. 
"There is a red fire extinguisher"
"I see a clock on the wall telling me it's 2.10pm"
"The table in front of me has four legs."
"This chair is very comfortable."
And so on.  You get the idea?  Ok, so what's the point in all this?
Maybe you've heard of living in the now?  There is a suggestion that if you live in the past you can get depressed, if you live in the future, you can get anxious, yet in the now: It is what it is.  This is how it is right this second.  Picturing all the things around you will help you get back into the moment and live it for what it is.  When you come back 'to it' you will be feeling so much better, it's almost like magic.
Try it.  Let me know in the comments how you get on.

* Getting back into the 'Vortex'.  This is a phrase used by Abraham Hicks.  It's suggesting that the vortex is a wonderful place where you feel your heart sing and your spirit lifting.  Try and remember a few moments where you have felt like this.  It's a far cry from depression and anxiety. Right?
Ok, so if you've had a bad day, you need to focus on getting back in the Vortex. A way to do this is to focus on something that makes your heart sing.  For me,  it's listening to music.  Maybe loudly in the car.  Singing perhaps.  So what is your 'thing'?  Going to the gym,  working out?  Stepping into the Jaccuzi?  Putting on make up, doing your hair, taking selfies and putting them on instagram?  (Share them in the comments?)

Of course, if you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction you can download my book for 77p on the right hand side or you could search in Youtube for Law of Attraction. 

I'd love to know this has helped you.  Leave a comment or email me.  Keep in touch!  Have a happy, positive day

Much love 

Louise xoxo

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