Saturday 13 December 2014

3 top tips on how to avoid Christmas Overwhelm

3 top tips on how to avoid Christmas Overwhelm

This time of year is typically very busy.  So many of us trying so hard to be so perfect and end up suffering with the overwhelm which in turn crushes the dream of having a wonderful time.

What can you do to stop this feeling?

In this blog we are going to deal with all the feelings that come with overwhelm.  So the first thing to do is recognise that you are not feeling like the perfect housewife (sorry if you are a guy reading - imagine the frilly pinafore from the 1950’s) and to give yourself a break for not feeling so in control.  Hardly anybody feels like they are on top of things at Christmas time.  Gosh, I sure can see why women didn’t used to work back before they had automatic washing machines and dishwashers. 
Of course, gifts were given years ago but maybe not so much money was spent as now.  There is so much pressure at Christmas to deliver the perfect day/week/month and create an occasion that the family will remember forever.  However, hang on a minute….

Let’s look at the good stuff.  There is a chance for a couple of days off, so spend some time playing games with the children, be a bit scruffy,  nap for half an hour.  There are so many wonderful things about Christmas that you may miss if you don’t stop and focus on the good things.  Find a little time to yourself and write down at least 5 things that you really love about Christmas, if you think of more, keep going!

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Ask for help

Kids love a bit of money.  There must be something they will do for 50p.  Ask your partner, your mum, a friend.  Don’t try and do it all yourself.  The chances are it simply isn’t possible and you might be pleasantly surprised at how willing people are to do a good deed for you.  Being a martyr seldom gets a thank you.

2.  Stop trying to be perfect

So who is?  Pretty much nobody gets everything right.  I remember a dinner party when I forgot to defrost the meat.  Thankfully a willing guest and a handy Co-op supermarket on the corner of the road meant that in the end, everything turned out ok.  Stop worrying about everything and see it for what it is.  At Christmas, the floor will be covered in paper,  the kitchen will need a total blitz and you are likely to fall in a dazed heap at the end of the day.  Just as it should be!

3.  Take 5 minutes

Just 5 minutes is better than none.  Sit and breathe.  Be thankful for the list of things you think of.  Meditate.  Sit in the chair with some soothing music or even a guided meditation on and try to chill out. 

The run up to Christmas is well and truly underway now.  I hope you can enjoy the excitement building up.  Use the tips above and likely you will find things a little easier.

Feel free to add your own tips below.  Any, ‘yeah but..’ messages will just be read as excuses not to enjoy your time which of course is not what this blog, or your Lusher Life, is all about!  
Wishing you a lovely day full of joy and positivity.  

Much love

Louise oxoxo

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