Saturday 6 December 2014

Christmas Primark Haul

Hey there

So how are you Christmas plans shaping up?

I've been super crazy busy here and I would love to share all my news with you.  

As it's that time of year for Christmas parties and looking glamourous, I am overwhelmingly busy with doing peoples hair, beauty, nails and make up!  I love it! If only I took more photos.  

Yesterday (this was amazing) I was leaving London and having a wander to get my train when I was approached by a lovely lady who was looking for models to join them in a campaign for advertising St Pancras Station.  Wow.  She said I was looking lovely.  That was very flattering.  However, due to work commitments and hearing problems, I did decline just now.  Still lovely though!
At the time, I had actually been making some more video footage for my Vlogmas.  I'll pop a link below to mine but please please subscribe to my channel as I'm keen to grow it and also you can keep up with all the videos there too!

Recently, life has been manic and I would love to give more time to making the Youtube videos.  I totally love them.  It's a wonderful thing to do in my spare time.  If you make videos and would like me to share your channel I'm doing a shout out session and links below my video too so get in touch!

Other news:  I'm nervous to share this news as it's a double edged sword.  Me and my Uni friends are studying so hard on our Science and nutrition degree.  Hoping to go onto the BSc in Dietetics next year.  There was a gruelling process to go through to get onto the degree as (I'm not kidding) places are VERY limited as they are funded by the NHS just like student Drs and nurses.  
The whole process has been draining and exciting at the same time.  Well yesterday we found out the news we had been waiting for.  My lovely friend "A" (not got her permission yet to use her name) text me and told me to check my emails.  Both she and I had been successful in our application which was, of course wonderful news.  Although we need to pass all 4 modules with Distinction to comply! Plus a few other criteria.  Yet we were squealing with delight that finally it looked like our dreams were coming true.

I've wanted to be a dietitian for many years now, since I was at school!

Then came the sad news, many of our other friends had not been successful.  This is so sad.  Everyone has such great qualities and I love them all.  How we will deal with this on Monday goodness knows.  It will be hard.  Doubtless, being the amazing women they are they will wish us congratulations.  Yet I know they will have heavy hearts that means they may have to give up or re-apply next year.  So sad.  

Right, back to the Christmas stuff! How's your shopping and wrapping going?

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