Thursday 1 January 2015

A brand new year! Happy 2015....what will this year dream up for you?

Happy 2015!

So, today is the 1st of January and you are no doubt full of reflection for last year, what it brought to you and what you will do about it this year.

That is so typically the way it goes for most of us at new year.  Me included.

Many people will begin with telling you they don't believe in new years resolutions.
"Those are setting you up to fail!" They exclaim.  Well, if that's what they believe then that is what they will find.

"If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right either way."  Henry Ford

Ahh that old favourite of mine, the law of attraction! Did you get my book yet? If you would like to read it online for free, click here 

So what do I think would work for you? 

You need to get clear on what you want. Do you know what you want? Often, figuring that one out is the first step.
Once you know what you want, you need to the set an intention.  This means quite simply, deciding you are going to make it happen.  You might not know how but that's not your job to know the how.

To set the intention, you might want to say it out loud, or write it in your journal.  Or even email it over to me but you must be very clear.  Add details.  Add dates.  For example:

"I want to lose 24lbs in the next 12 weeks.  So by Easter I will have lost 24lbs in weight in a healthy and safe manner.  I will feel amazing and have boundless energy."  

Go on to add feelings attached to that.

"I will feel happy fitting into smaller clothes that are in my closet. I will have more confidence and that will enable me to go out and get that job I have been after.  I will ooze confidence in the way I walk and therefore I will seem more beautiful to others from the outside."

You get the picture?  It's important to set your intentions.  This is the first step of manifestation.  


Then you need to believe.  Make something achievable in your mind.  Once you have seen a few things be manifested, you will be able to move the goalposts and start dreaming really big.  Go for it!

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Wishing you the very best of health, happiness and love in 2015

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Much love, as always

Louise xoxox

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