Friday 13 February 2015

Share some love, be nice and manifest your dreams!

“Years ago it was all hard work, not like these days!” exclaimed the hospital patient.

With a raised eyebrow, trying to be understanding I replied, “You didn’t have all the washing machines and gadgets we have now did you?”  - You see where I was going here?

“Well, we had to take care of our home, look after our children, not like you youngsters.  We had to scrub our floors.  We didn’t have all these posh floorings like lino and that!”  Her bed neighbour agreed. As the neighbour told me how she was too young to join the army in the war, unlike the complaining/humourous patient I was trying to gauge how old these ladies might be, in order to make myself more understanding of them. My own mum was born just 6 days before the war which makes her now 75.  So if one of these ladies was in the war she surely had to be at least 90?  Aware that they did things much younger years ago, I failed to see how these ladies were so elderly.  They didn’t look it.  Perhaps ladies get to an age where they stop ageing.  Such sweethearts, all of them.  

It’s important to me to enhance their experience.  Being here, smiling, chatting, allowing them to tell me how easy I’ve got it these days.  In reality, it grated a little as life has it challenges no matter who you are or where you are from.  Or when.

Turning back to the patient I was taking care of, I tried to inject some more light into the conversation.

“I wonder what life will be like in another 50 years when I’m laying here talking to a ‘youngster’ like me.  I wonder if I will be saying, ‘when I was your age we didn’t even have robots!’ “  To which the patients laughed and said yes well you never know.

The past 100 years have seen many manifestations come to fruition.  The Wright brothers with their ‘bonkers’ idea that men can fly.  Now of course we fly everyday, all over the world.  People told them they were crazy.  
Even mobile phones.  I remember being without mobile phones.  My children ask me, “Mum what did you do if you were out shopping and went in different directions? How would you find each other?”
“Well we would have to arrange a meeting place and time, with a plan if we lost each other!” 
The expression on the children's faces shouted out ‘How inconvenient!’

Sitting in a restaurant I was managing, talking to a rep a few years ago she enlightened me to the fact that one day soon our mobile phones would be computers. Everything would be done on a mobile phone.  “NO?” I questioned, Lee Evans style!  She was right.  So here we are in the hospital discussing the future of robots.  

However, I’m not sure life is any easier for us now as it ever was as so many folks seem to love to replace one problem with another. For example, the lady who was talking about fighting the war (pretty big deal, you’ll agree) would now be replaced by a woman who decides to attack her team mates for doing things differently than her.  Not such a big deal on the face of things but if you are the one dealing with this from either side then you will find it’s a massive deal.  Leading to health issues, tummy upsets, tears, children seeing mummy crying, overflowing dishwashers and a whole heap of stress.  We deal with what we deal with in the way we deal with it.  Everyones issues are real and true to them at the time.  All of us would be very caring to remember that.  I do my utmost to put others first but occasionally it gets to the point of not being able to do that at the detriment of your own life.

Listening to sweet elderly ladies at the twilight of their life tell me how easy my life is is one thing.  After I had spent the morning cooking breakfast, making packed lunches, doing the school run, driving straight to a posh clients hotel room for her blow dry, back to the salon for a colour correction of a lady who attempted her own hair colour, onto biology revision, then 2 school runs at different times, off to the hospital to help patients nutrition for a few hours, home at 7.30, cook dinner, generate presentation slides on the traffic light labelling system, overcome some technical issues (as best I could) and more revision of Science and Biology before I fell asleep at 12.30.  Up at 4.45 for more revision (all not including any housework!) greeted by a very attacking email from a team member who was unhappy with my presentation slides.

Life is easy huh.

We all have our cross to bear.  We all could focus on the challenges.  However, no matter how much hard work this seems right now in this red hot minute, I will do my utmost to remain calm, present and in the flow.  Down stream.  

The path of least resistance.

Thank you, Abraham Hicks for that thought.  

Just like the Wright (Right?) brothers and their crazy scheme to get men to fly.  All the attacks they dealt with.  No doubt life was tricky and hard for them during their plight. Putting my attacks into perspective.

Why oh why won’t people be more lovely?

If we all made an effort today to smile, to love, to help, to be kind.  Wouldn't the world be a better place.  Who knows, maybe the sun would shine, perhaps wars would end.  

Valentines day is tomorrow. Share some love 



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