Monday 16 February 2015

Crazy Social media frenzy!

What in the world is going on?

More manifestations - well, I did ask for it!
As you know, as I have told you so many times, you get what you think about.  I have spent the past couple of years building my business online and I love it!

How do you know you are doing the right job?  Well, coaches often say if you are feeling like you just want to get up and keep doing what you are doing over and over again then you are in the right job.  So here I am, on my day off, writing, editing and more writing.  I love it.

Is that how you feel about your own life?  If not, you are able to make changes.  Let me tell you, this visualisation stuff really works.
For me, I have manifested so many results recently and have a very clear understanding of where I am going forwards.  Such a lovely feeling.  Here's where you come in.  Not only can you help me, but you can be a little nosey in the process! We all love to peek into each others lives.  Recently I have been sharing more and more on Youtube - insights into my day.  People seem to love this stuff.  That, coupled with my blog....

I am up for an award!!!!!

I'm thrilled to see this and I would really love it if you can come on over and vote for me! Twitter will let me know if you do and I can then send a retweet out to all my followers for a little more press for you too!  A favour for a Favour!

Vote here:
I will be so thrilled to see a finals place for my blog.  If you are someone who blogs, you will know these things take lots of dedication.  I love my blog! To get that prestigious recognition would be fantastic!  The finals are in New York.  It's been a dream to go there!

So what else has been happening?  You can follow all my news in the links above.  However, the low down,  Jasmine and I went to meet with Zoella recently and now we went to meet Tanya Burr.  If you aren't sure who these ladies are, they are massive in the world of Youtube.  Such an inspiration.  They had a dream to build a business online and made them happen.  Great head for business too! See the video blog I made here.  The internet world is going crazy for this video!

If you never saw my blog before and would like to (all about lifestyle) then go have a look here and remember to vote on the link above if you like what you see.

You can pop your own advert on the blog to increase your traffic:

In the meantime, I thank you all for your amazing support and would love to hear from you so don't be shy and get in touch



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