Tuesday 17 February 2015

Winter walk on the beach

An uphill climb sometimes?

Life had been overly busy.

As usual, frantic times were to be had in the Usher household. 

Too much to do, not enough time to do it.  The usual kind of thing you would find in any house.  Feeling a little overwhelm and sadness along with a good pinch of resentment coming in; I realised.  

It was definitely time.

Time to get out in nature and blow away the cobwebs.  I didn't seem to mind that it was the middle of winter.  Nor did it matter to me that it might be amazingly cold on the beach. 

Pulling up the handbrake of the car, tired eyes grew wide as we looked down to the beach below.  Tidal seas had taken the water far away from the beach, leaving playful rock pools to explore and just the right amount of depth for small furry paws to dip.

The beach was going to host us on this day and that was that!

The brightest of blue skies

Harley was keen to come and get his feet wet and  a coat full of sand.  That was just fine.  We all needed our legs stretched and i had decided we would make it a very long walk!

Small paw prints on the golden sand.

Margate Clock tower.

Sun blazing, the sky was as blue as the equatic skies.  Lucky with the warmth, we could not quite fathom the weather.  This was February.  The time of year when spring begins but to have felt the warmth on our skin was amazing.  

Aching feet but happy souls, we walked several miles.  Even Harleys little legs. 

Just what the universe needed us to do.  Get grounded.  Be in the nature.

Without taking time to stock, things can go bang.  

Until the next bit of pressure of time, or unpleasantness that can so often be coupled with human beings, I was in a state of calm.  The natural surroundings of our local beach in Kent had healed once again.

I love this place.  Goodness does it know how to talk nicely to people.


Just its energy.  It's feeling.

Thank you, nature.

Twin hike
A work in progress, restoring the wonderful Margate
Taking a moment.  Taking stock. 
Long shadows in the winter sun. 
This fella watching over the sea.  Inhabitants behind forget to. 

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