Friday 17 April 2015


Ok, ok. So I'm a law of attraction expert. 
However, I'm a human being. 

Doing a science degree where facts are needed to make the world go round is giving me an issue. 2+2=4. 
If you believe it does! 

I do believe in science. I also believe in magic. Magic often can't be explained.  

Just like love. 

That's a mystery too. 

I miss my morning walks with Harley. 

I miss driving my children to school. 

I miss lazy mornings sipping mint tea and electronically flipping through my laptop. 

I miss blogging. 

I miss making as many YouTube videos. 

I definitely miss writing my next book. So many have messaged me wanting another book out soon!

Well, I do have a little news actually.  This summer will see a new book from me.  There will be 2 ways of getting your hands on it.  You can sign up to my email list on the right hand side (and get it for free)  or you can buy it from amazon. I'll let you know when this is all going to happen. 

However, I digress,  back to 'missing my life'.

So yes, there have been many changes over this past few months and can you believe that I'm almost at the end of this University year.  Life has been crazy.
Speaking to so many clients online, offline, any line and keeping everyone happy.
Attempting (failing) to keep home looking like something from a magazine.
Supporting the twins and they begin their GSCE journey.  All while studying myself.

Life often gets a little tough.

What I love about it is this.  I am thankful every day for dragging my tired eyes out of bed.  I challenge myself to learn and grow.  I do learn and grow.  I learn more and more about the human body, its needs and wants.  I help others with my new knowledge.

I pass exams!!!

The final results aren't in yet but bear with me as I get through these last few weeks.  I have a super super treat in store for you with the new book, blogs saved as draughts and videos uploaded to Youtube on private. 

Don't worry, I will reveal all to you soon as I can! Not long now until the end of term and I can take a deep breath and jump into deep water and see what happens next.

Oh life is an adventure.  

So what have you been up to?  Have you found things tough?  How have you turned it around to feel positively about things?

Let me know.  Keep in touch

much love as always

Louise xoxo


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