Sunday 16 July 2017

Holiday essentials - TIPS of things you MUST do and take on holiday!

The times I have gone on holiday and thought, "I wish I had taken this or that" SO...I decided to make an on location video of essentials I thought you might find helpful.

Also, have you ever wondered what is a good idea to pack in the hand luggage?  What can you do to remember where you parked your car at the airport?  What would happen if you lost your passport?  Making all these things easier is definitely achievable when you give my little video a quick watch!

I'm just full of wanderlust stories at the moment and I'm frantically writing while I'm closer to the equator than usual.  I have so many amazing stories to share with you.  Plus a terrific saving link within my 'to do' list for holidays.  Watch this space for more REALLY soon!

Love always

Louise xoxo

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