Monday 17 July 2017

NajoWriMo and how it's going...

What is NajowriMo?

National Journal writing month is well and truly upon us.  Are you taking part?

Do you Journal?  If so for what purpose?

*To record your thoughts?
*To brain dump?
*To get clear on wants, wishes and needs?
*To participate in Najowrimo?
*To publish your thoughts?
*To look back on in future?

Well I’m thrilled to be part of Najowrimo and I cant quite believe the changes this time is bringing me.  My mind is clearer, the ‘old me’ is coming back, my anxieties are lower and the list goes on.  I could find other reasons for feeling like this,  such as spending amazing time with my family,  being in a lovely  warm country surrounded by palm trees and suchlike. 

Really soon I will be beginning to put things into place to start publishing my writings for July.  The journey the mind can go on is incredible.  They say its because the universe can feel your clarity better.

Thoughts, wishes and needs get stronger and clearer.

Giving clarity to what’s in your mind, unscrambling. 

There is of course the love for stationary.  Many people love a good stationary shop!

Of course it’s never too late.  If you want to take part in Najowrimo, you still can…Click the link to find out more.  I will be posting my writings here.  Hope you will come back to see them.  Open hearted….Bravely.

Much love

Louise xoxo


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