Monday 10 July 2017

My journaling month #najowrimo

This page sits empty as I attempt to edit and click on 'view'.

IT's empty?  That can't be.  I'm way too busy to be journalling, yet journalling is just the thing I want to be doing.  What is stopping me?  I'm a night mare.  How can it be that I am not logging the 500 words per day I had planned for myself.

Enough times I have been quoted on the internet that this is my passion, this is what I want to be doing with my life.  Writing.

Hash tag am writing.  #amwriting - everywhere. Yet am I?  Mentally yes!

So here we are with nothing more  than a title beginning on July 1st.

NaJoWriMo.  What does that mean? Some of you may remember last July I wrote a short novel in Nanowrimo which means national novel writing month.  NaJo is national journal writing month.  I love a bit of journalling.  From the pretty stationary isle right down to the actual brain dumping and turning into manifestations.  Gosh, I feel the flow now! It's July 10th (eek almost half way through the month) and I sit in a bar in Gran Canaria hotel with glasses chinking all around me and the sound of charleston type music with plenty of clarinet playing as the professional circus act happens on a tiny stage.  Clapping and cheers of hooray stemming from the audience which includes my amazing daughter and mum.  They are enjoying the show.  I'm happy here.  Not one for home sickness as such (I have wanderlust way too much) there are several things I miss about home.  Writing at my desk being one of those things.  The lighting of a candle carefully cradled by Buddha and of course my hairy companion shihtzu puppy (who's 8) called Harley.  He's always at my side loving me.

So as I type directly onto blogger here, I am unaware of how many words I type.  Not 500 that's for sure.  Yet I'm super keen to get this post uploaded.  Yet again there is so much I have to say.  So much.  

Even though I read back through my muse and I can see my words are flowing faster than my brain which is also flowing very fast.  Am I describing everything enough to you guys?  Mr NaJo says we should write for ourselves.  Yes, I agree, yet there are a few (not many) innermost secrets I will only write for myself personally, but I digress.

Someone on the internet who I follow, love and find inspiring just brought me down.  Watching a IG live broadcast she was explaining how hard it is to make a living online these days unless you succumb to multi level marketing.  Well there certainly is a place for MLM online I agree.  Yet I disagree with all else she is saying and comments like this need to be carefully edited as dreams can get shattered.  For me, and my health issues as well as having to take care of mum now, the only choice I really have is to work online which is handy as its also what I want to do with every beat of my heart.  That dream has never wavered.  Never.  Its even there when I sleep.  Hence, sitting in a bar, missing out on the 'professional show'  -I just can't help myself.  
Love writing. 

Writing loves me.
It flows.
I love it.  Do you love it?

Are you a reader?  Do you journal? I'd love your comments below...

So this lifestyle blogger who loves to create a good book, has promised herself that NaJoWriMo will be published.  July is a definite month to watch.  Holiday, house selling, clearance, more blogging and creating VLOGS to share with you.  
Are you with me through this crazy month of July?


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