Tuesday 23 October 2018

Being a YouTuber

This trip has been more enlightening than I would have imagined.

Thinking I was bringing mum away on her last trip of her life (although I have said that before) to give her a nice time is about as far as I had thought.

Yet within just a few days of being on this beautiful peninsula, and here I was realising that there was an energy shift.  Just like I had back in Egypt in 2009.  Strange.  Unexplainable.
How does this happen?  I wasn't sure.

Julia started it! She and I were watching 'Strings at Sunset' and she spoke to her husband about me.
"I'm sure that's Louise who we watched on Youtube." And came over to ask me.  Yes it was me.  This was a little surreal.  She continued to tell me how she had found the videos helpful and watched several of them.  Wow.  I loved that.
As the week continued, other new friends came and introduced themselves as viewers too.  Often we would just pass each other and they would let me know how helpful my work has been to them.  Ha.  Work.  I love that.  Talk about the best job in the world.  So, yes it is hard work at times but such a blast.  Love it.  Knowing that it's not just out there in the ether is exciting. People are finding this helpful.  And I love making them.

So now I knew what I needed to do with my life.
Which is handy as being here and places like this are helping me to feel so much better in myself physically and mentally.

Going back home sees lots of editing needing to go on which I'm excited to upload. Especially now that this is helping people.  The future looks bright.


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