Thursday 18 October 2018

When you aren't sure if you can do this rollercoaster life.

Maybe I'm spoilt...

Coming away from the usual life you live, often a rollercoaster of stuff 'comes up'. 

Why is that?  Could it be the different diet patterns we adopt? I do believe the gut and brain are closely linked. Well, we know this now don't we. 
How often are you away in the sun and get a bad stomach? You eat differently, you sleep with air con going full pelt, you drink alcohol and get loads of sun exposure.  Ok so all of these might be hard to imagine right now as the darker nights begin in the UK and north America but if like me, you are enjoying some autumn sun or have some winter sun booked, you might be able to relate to those sense provoking words.

Either way, when your emotions begin a rollercoaster which you feel is almost too much to bear, remember the law of attraction.

Yes, that old chestnut where this blog was born from.  
Reminding myself of how it works right here and now has been a saviour.  So yes we can manifest the traffic lights and parking spaces and then at other times get in our own way when it comes to the self sabotage stuff.  Like are we good enough? Beautiful enough? Clever enough?

Stop the doubting and remember the law of attraction.  As Abraham Hicks says, we can do, be, have whatever we want.
Mike Dooley tells us thoughts become things.

They do! We know this.

So think you aren't good enough, and you might well not be.

Do you know that person who really shouldn't be as confident as they are but totally strut their stuff and own their life? Yes?  Be more them!

Even if you are faking it, that doesn't matter.  Sitting feeling sad and sorry for yourself gives an air of 'don't come talk to me, I'm hard work.'
Being light and fluffy and airy tells people you are fun to be around and they can enjoy your energy too.

Feel sorry for yourself temporarily and write it in your diary.  Then finish the text of with how amazing you know you really are

If you're struggling, I'm sending you love and hugs...


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