Saturday 20 October 2018

Halloween - Evil. Horror. Fear.


I'm not a fan, I must be honest.

The thought of fear being instilled into people...
As a creative, my mind is easily spiked to include manifestations of the most horrific kind that purely and surely couldn’t be true.

I’m much more an “I believe in angels and magic” type of person.  Thinking of Halloween as something evil and inviting bad spirits around isn’t a welcome thing at my door!

Last year, a simple drive to collect my daughter saw me drive past some child size teddy bear thing on the pavement. Strange. As I drove closer I couldn’t help but take my eyes off the road and stare.  The head of this creature seemed to stare straight into my soul and cocked his head to one side with increasing intensity of weirdness.  Freaked out, I began to wonder if I had imagined this. I’d never seen anything like it before.

Yesterday, a parcel arrived for me. It was ‘prep’ for an upcoming biopsy I have to have. UGH.  31st October.  More horror to add to this day.  So where is the light in this shade?

2 years ago my mother came to live with us.  People love her.  She laughs at everything. Which is wearing, you can imagine.  She and I are chalk and cheese.  She has dementia and the laughter and chatty side of her is magnified. 
Her old house was in an area of town where they used to put  up signs saying “No trick or treaters” as it was constant knock knock knock at the door to the point of driving everyone crazy.

Yet in my road, there are rules. If you have a pumpkin out, it means you can knock.  Despite my surgery that day, we will be well stocked with ‘treats’ and I will leave mum in charge! Opening the door to well dressed children while parents stand back looking on.  No doubt mum will love the banter and if it puts a smile on her face for a few hours, there is nothing evil about Halloween at all.


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