Monday 27 April 2020

Is this all a big lie?

This motivational Monday video details how you absolutely must not follow the crowd. Be you. 

Things are not always what they seem on social media. Of course, we put out our best content and often paint on our best smiles. 

That doesn't mean everything is ticking along perfectly behind the camera. I try very hard to be real on my Youtube channel and ensure I don't paint an untruthful picture. 

When others tell me I'm inspirational or I motivate them, I'm flattered. 
Just like J Lo said, "I'm still Jenny from the block". 

Don't be fooled. 
We have all had a journey to go through and all of us have a story to tell.
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Daily life might not be perfect every minute of the day but try and be the best version of you. Keep positive as much as you can, blow off steam when you need to and turn to those who support and encourage you. 
I talk about living your Lusher Life. 
A better life. 
A step up through your strength. 

It's not a perfect life. 

But let's aim to get as close as we can while still being realistic, smashing goals and dreaming big. All of those words can belong in the same sentence! You've got this my friend!

Much love

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