Sunday 5 April 2020

My sunny office during coronavirus lockdown

This Sunday is glorious in Kent, UK.

Sunshine, 18°C, blue skies and pretty much the gentlest breeze to help with natural air con vibes. 

Seemed rude not to want to take to the garden, freshly lawned by the children, and set up an office in there to work on my current WIP (work in progress, aka 'book'). See the box on the right-hand side? Follow this blog from that box and you will find out soon all about this book.  Suffice to say, I call myself a life writer and while the entire world is going through a massive life change just now, I felt it would be wrong not to write something about that (huge project which I have just massively played down so wait and watch please! )

I hope wherever you are, you are well, happy (but it's ok to wobble just now) and you're able to enjoy some nice weather.  

Much love as always

Louise xoxo

Taking to the garden for my work this morning

Yes, i miss the coffee shop, but I'm counting blessings!

Wrote a cheeky lil nutrition post


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