Thursday 23 April 2020

Our local walks

This time during lockdown in the UK sees us have permission to go out for one form of exercise per day.

Where I live (currently in lockdown with my children) we are very fortunate to have some beautiful countryside.  Some of it, I confess, I haven't seen before! Even some of the houses we have passed on our walks are places I haven't noticed before!  It's amazing how so much opens up your eyes to new beauties.

White knuckle riding

In my world, today is a really good day.  Yesterday was a tough one.
This video was requested to explain this rollercoaster

This whole thing seems to be 'getting you' like that doesn't it.  One day up, another day down, all the while hoping that you can white knuckle ride it out.

Part of my outing seems to be taking photos on these nature walks and I would love to share the photos here with you.  You can also see them over on my Facebook page.

moody sky


my son and i


my daughter


Harley and the tulips



wooded bliss

england in the sun


What is it like where you are?

The next blog post will show you what 'working in the garden' looks like. I don't mean gardening: I mean writing haha, very blessed to be able to continue working.

Please stay safe and take care. Sending you my very best wishes

Louise xoxo

empty streets


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