Monday 25 May 2020

How to travel blog during lockdown

Gosh, tricky times now in the life of a travel blogger or Vlogger.

What to do?

Here's my plan: get local. We are now able to visit local places, although I have tried this and I must confess there is a little anxiety coming with this as other people seem less worried about social distancing than I would like.  Nonetheless, I do have a long list of other video ideas to pop in my youtube channel. Such as 
* the best and worse places I have been
* places on my wish list
* when I plan to travel again
* how I manage to find great deals
* updating others on how to cancel their holidays
* getting refunds

Meanwhile, I have been to a couple of my favourite places in Kent. 
Both with strong links to Charles Dickens.

Broadstairs and Rochester

The last trip to Rochester was beautiful. See these photos and don't forget to enjoy the music I have added to this Vlog. 

Rochester Castle

The first restaurant I worked in

This beautiful old post box - i'd never noticed it before!

Rochester Cathedral

I love the name of this place "Quills"

Pretty place. Love the chimney

Olivers - a fab restaurant and bar in Rochester

Traditional Red telephone box


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