Saturday 16 May 2020

So you want to live a Lusher Life?

If, like me, you grew up being told, "good things aren't for people like us," or, "life is really hard," 
then you likely have an internal battle going on. I understand, I did too.
In 2009 the law of attraction showed up in my life and I was astonished to hear that life is supposed to be good! Then I began to question everything I had ever known. I began to change life for the better. Piece by piece, I went into my Lusher Life and my life changed massively for the better. 

I wanted everyone to know this! 
I wanted everyone to live a better life. 
Some people might have been like me and never been told, "yes, you can!" This youtube channel was started to help you into your own Lusher Life. As time went on, I began to realise I can be the writer I had always dreamed of being. I could make more money, drive the car I wanted, travel the world, walk on the shoreline, enjoy the good times with my children... Inspiring others to tell their own story is my mission, and to make it a better story. If that is journaling purely to help you with trauma, write the book, make the videos then any story is valid, this is my mission. I'm telling you, in case no-one ever did....YOU CAN!

Listen to this short story - is this you?

See this video - does any of this resonate with you? Have you changed life for the better yet or do you want to? 

What will it take?

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