Wednesday 30 October 2013

Let's all tweet on Twitter!

Do you just love twitter?  It's so straightforward and easy.  I love it.

In fact,  I do find it's my favourite way to read other peoples links.  Do you share your blog on twitter?  Can we connect?  Click here and come over give me a follow and from there on I can find you too!

What's your favourite way to see other folks blogs?  I do also like the 'follow by email' option.  I can sit and have a read when I'm just on the go then too.  Do you do that?  Drinking coffee,  read.
Sit on the loo, read.

As I type my phone is also ding -a- donging with notifications from Instagram.  Just shared this photo.  
I love to keep flowers on my desk!

We all know how we all love photos! Come on over and find me there too as I'd love to see you all.  

Feel free to share your links below so we can all get better aquainted!


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