Thursday 24 October 2013

Are your dreams coming true or are you stuck?

Are you stuck or are your dreams coming true?

Interesting post coming up straight from my heart today!

Sitting at my desk today I'm going to be totally honest with you.  I love days like this.  I could write all day long.  I love it!

I love it!

I love it!

However,  (you knew that was coming didn't you!) I have spent a lot of time surfing the net on what to do with it.  Are you the same?  Spending time trying to figure everything out on what to do and how to do it well?

I'm very proud of myself and how I naturally help others with ease getting into their own head and sorting out their dreams.  Frequently I run this type of practice for business owners and for people and their personal lives too.  Also,  many friends send a simple text

Got time for a cuppa this week?

I know that means they want uplifting.  Or telling "You can do it! Go for it!" and we sit and work out an action plan or strategy on how to move forward.

Yet when it comes to me,  I have so many different subjects I love to talk about and I'm very seriously considering writing several different blogs covering the various subjects.  

What do you think ?

This blog you are reading now is about my journey through life and about creating a Lusher Life.  Now,  this is my favourite really.  I get to open up and spill out everything that's inside. 

Doing it often enough may begin to generate the kind of audience I would like but I'm not convinced.  You know how certain youTube folks have a channel for Vlogs and one for product reviews and such? Like my favourites Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter even though the lovely lovely lovely Louise of Sprinkle of glitter often mentions stuff about being too old for this (she's 25) and should she really watch One Direction as she has a baby (!) bless her.  25 is still a baby herself.  She's just adorable and opening up lives like that is very scary I know and people can be mean sometimes.  Ignoring them is hard.  However,  these ladies are now doing very nicely with their blogging and Vlogging.

As for me,  I love to teach and pass on info too.  I feel to do that on this blog may be misplaced.  I see no reason why I couldn't use the Lusher Life base and add on /photography
/weight loss
/Hair and Beauty
/dream building (that's kind of this one really)

I've lots of experience at all these subjects and although they do all tie into Law of Attraction (coaching package here) I'd love to also help people who just want to know about hair or make up or nails or weddings etc without all the blurb on creating your own reality.   Not everyone believes that stuff and although they should,  it can become annoying!

So please tell me what you think?

I'll be posting a blog on how to help you get unstuck if you are stuck so please click to follow this blog via email and I'd love to know what questions you have too. 

Big PS - in this photo I'm reading a book by the lovely Lilou Mace who is stunning and also very sweet and lovely.  She interviews the many positivity gurus on her Youtube pages.  You can buy this book of hers here I lost my job and I liked it

Of course,  my little mini book will help you on the start of your new life journey.  I'd love you to support me by sharing this link for me - thank you so much I love you x


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