Monday 14 October 2013

What the heck is going on?!

Ok, here I am again at last!

Apologies for being AWOL for so long.  I have great reasons which I really don't want to go into at great length here just now.  Although,  if you see my Bio has had a big change and now I'm a single girl.  A big shock to many including myself!
So, a slight change of jewellery and here's off to a great new base for a new novel.

Needless to say, life has been crazy chaotic.  Although I'm on the up in a big way.  Honestly,  I feel when people have a bit of a 'crisis' (you might call it) they either fix themselves by crying lots,  sleeping for ages and feeling really sad - getting lots of lovely cuddles from loved ones - or,  like me,  really grab life by the wotsits and decide to use it as a positive change.

Sounds perfect eh?

Well yes, of course it would sound perfect.  This is me,  Mrs positive,  Mrs Lusher Life.  Agreed,  I really do love to make my Lusher Life and when things are taking a downturn I do realise that it's all part of life.

It's a journey isn't it!

It's important to realise we are human.  So while I'm recovering,  my body is taking a little bit of a bashing as my stress can go inward.

Now, with the Law of Attraction in mind,  we create our reality with our thoughts.  I'm thinking that my life needs x, y, z right now and by agreeing to these things I feel better.  

For instance,  (as i know that was hard to grasp)  To feel in control,  I need to realise the control is in my hands!

So what will I do with my new found freedom?  Well that's up to me but creating a Lusher Life is what I'm all about so everything I do must be moving forwards in that direction.

Realising this sad story had a sad ending has just given me the 100% clarity that I really need to write this as a story in a book which is of course my passion.  I love writing and more and more it is starting to become a reality that I can make it happen.
She says as she twins screens at the new desk which is located next to the radiator!

Meanwhile,  I'm off to write some blogs on my very exciting Salon Blog which you can find here.

I will,  I promise,  knuckle down to getting these 2 books finished that I keep luring you in with.  I'm ready for lots of hard work and getting this blog 'up there' is going to be awesome. 

Much love to you all.....watching your news too

Louise x


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