Saturday 19 October 2013

Photography news - but it's a secret shhh

My business is branching out!

Good morning lovely people.  Not sure where you are in the world but here in Kent, UK it's pouring hard with rain.  The gardens are looking lush and green this year.  We had a hot summer but no long dry spells so it's nice for the greenery...........Very observant you might think?  Well,  my eyes are wide open for these things and I'm about to let you in on a secret as to why!

Since I can remember,  I have had a love of photographs as have many other people.  

My ShuhTzu Harley

Sadly for me at school,  many of the subjects I was interested in taking onto further education such as photography and make up artists and hairstylist all needed an Art qualification back then.  Me and art didn't mix for some reason which is odd.  Being very creative I'm so lucky that this type of thing comes naturally but pretty much all I can draw are trees!

So,  thankfully things changed and I managed to float into college and study hair and beauty and this advanced to me becoming more than just that.  Helping salons who need help with business.  Of course,  part of this is marketing.  I love marketing.

Through doing my own hair and beauty,  make up and weddings,  I've often ended up taking many photos.  Especially as I got very friendly with some of my clients.  They then let me know there was no photographer a the house before hand as this cost them extra money! 

Taking along my pro Nikon camera,  I'd take a few shots to be later emailed on for them.

When you have a passion for such things it's a pleasure rather than a job to go ahead and take photos.  

In 2008 I got a hold of my first mac and was off and flying putting dvd's together for people as gifts of photo slideshows and all that stuff.  Loving it!

Recently I've known I need a new challenge.  Thinking ahead to the future,  my lovely daughter is very sure that she wants to be a photographer.  She's very good with people and animals and has chosen these as her subjects.  
So, together we are starting up a fully bone fide photography company.  Think we will call it Usher Photograpy (simple) but not sure yet.  What do you think?

The idea is,  it'll be me right now.  Marketing and taking on the work.  Makeovers will obviously be popular (I've done quite a few of these already) and weddings too.  When Jasmine is qualified too she will come onboard as an employee and when I retire she can carry on! (If I ever do - thinking not).

So this girl is on a mission to get a whole new blog started purely for the photography company.  I'd love to share it here for all you lovely readers and you can help us get it 'out there'.  I can see it tying nicely into the youtube,  instagram and blogger love affair I have going on.

What do you think?  Who else loves photos?  Please let me know if there is a lovely photography blog you like which I should be looking at!

This girl (me) is on the up.......find out what I mean with my sad news post

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