Saturday 13 June 2015

Clean 9 detox - Day 8

April 30th

Day 8

Already day 8.

I’m starting to not want clean 9 to end.  I’m nervous for it to end.  I don’t want to go back to my old ways.  

Already, I feel so much smaller and lighter.  2 more full days.

No hunger at all this morning.  It looked like I might run out of shake powder, so I thought I would skip a shake.  Obviously though, some clever folks up at the head office of Forever would have made sure that everything was accurately measured out. I headed off to work having had my Aloe and supplements. I have ordered some more garcinia from Lisa to take away on holiday with me.  That will help.  I really want to get going on the hiking and press ups and the healthy food that the mediteranian brings.

Dropping the children at school, I shot a quick Youtube video and went on my way to work.  My client always offers a brashly brewed coffee. I haven’t seen her for 6 weeks and so she doesn’t know I’ve given up coffee, let alone doing Clean 9.  Instead, she made me delicious, refreshing peppermint tea.  Yum.

Off to the hospital after my lunchtime shake to do a good deed.  The staff all were wishing the day away, hoping to finish soon. This makes me sad.  Fancy feeling like that in a job.  Thing is though, I’m still so passionate about helping people into health through nutrition.  This will never leave me I’m so sure.  It’s sad that people are still suffering with chrons and colitis and having pieces removed from them when really, if they changed their diets they may feel so much better. 

My passion is to help others. To advise and nurture.  And this will never leave me.  Maybe now, I have also found an almost magic formula which I truly believe will help the masses. I can see this becoming a staple in everyone’s fridge in the next few years.  Being honest,  there is nothing better than a healthy, balanced diet.  Boy, do I enjoy my healthy evening meal.  Although I feel we all need a little help from time to time.  We certainly need someone to help us and to lean on.  I want that person to be me!

I’ve been asked today to speak again at my University. This time it’s an industry conference for Sports Science professionals.  What an amazing opportunity! As I am a keen speaker, I have been watching presentations on Youtube from Forever Living success stories.  There are truly some wonderful stories on there!

Looking forward to tonights meal.  Salmon steak, pan fried with olive oil fry light, a bed of spinach, or maybe, yes definitely, a load of salad actually.
Raw spinach,
Tomato and the smallest slice of mozzarella.  



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