Thursday 4 June 2015

Clean 9 detox. Day 6 - weigh in day

April 28th

Day 6

Weight 11.11 1/2

So I lost another pound.  Not quite what I was hoping for but nevertheless, 1 lb in 3 days isn’t a bad loss at all.  I am wondering if I should keep those carbs even lower though.  The odd apple here and there, plus the sweet potato.  I always knew these were the things that didn’t agree with me.

Actually, I hadn’t realised I was due for a weigh in.  

Feeling the love for my scales I decided to measure instead.  It’s crazy really that I am addicted to getting on those scales. I guess it’s fear of re gaining weight.  Terrible way to look at it though as of course we will all naturally gain and lose weight.  So the measurements were really quite outstanding! I will post those at another time as you will find it hard to believe.  The boobs are getting smaller which I’m so glad about.  So many pretty redundant bra’s sit gloomily in my drawer.  Soon, my friends, soon.  

I will do this.  I can do this.  It’s in the bag.  Just watch!

Tonight I’m out on the town.  Happily for my friends I am doing the driving and consuming water.  Exciting eh.  Yes I like the odd glass of spritzer but it’s not a need for me.  I love being out, seeing people, listening to music and all.

This morning sees the welcoming of a brand new carton of Aloe in my fridge.  I finished the last one now.  This is hopefully going to last me until the holiday which is in 6 days time! I can’t quite believe it.  6 days.  I cannot wait! I’m so excited!

Thinking about it…my time of the month is just about starting.  I’m sure when that kicks in it will aid with the weight loss.  Now there’s a cheery thought.  Might sound funny to the men reading but it’s actually a really nice ‘detox’ feeling.  

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