Sunday 14 June 2015

Meeting CloeCouture and almost meeting the Queen

What an amazing day we had!

Jasmine and her lovely friend Charlotte asked if I could take them up to London to meet a Youtuber they like called Cloe Couture.

We had the best day and honestly it turned out to be so much more than we ever imagined!

Pretty much, the photos will tell the story but as we got off our train at Victoria, we noticed the tube station we needed to get on was closed! So we queued for about 20 minutes to top up our oyster cards and find a bus.  Walking to the bus station, we were blown away by seeing a Fly By of the red arrows with Red, White and Blue smoke bellowing from behind!

I squealed in excitement and I was bowled over with joy to see this.  We began to wonder why so many people were walking in the other direction to us and I kept a close eye on the three young teenagers behind me.  Soon, I realised we were at the side of Buckingham Palace.   However, I couldn't have realised that Her Majesty, the royal family and even baby Prince George were addressing the crowd just feet away from us.

Turning the corner, I was delighted to be experiencing a feast for my eyes as the Grenadiere Guards proudly stood like something from a lego exhibition.

Following this amazing sight, the sounds from the brass bands, the God Save the Queen, followed by flowing tears from many of the audience, we watched in delight at the procession in front of us.  Sadly, a gentlemanly police officer informed us that the Queen was likely now, "Enjoying a cup of tea at Her Majesties leisure."

We had missed the address.


However,  we looked at the time and realised we must pretty much RUN to Hyde Park to meet Cloe else our 5 hour trip would have been for nothing!

We got there, had an awesome time and Jasmine and Charlotte made a very brief video with Cloe.   Some little girl (maybe Cloe sister?) had gone into the Princess Diana fountain and got very wet and cold so the trip was cut short.  Bit sad really as quite a few of us were there.  Massive deal for us to get there.  Even so, it was so so worth it and really good to meet Cloe.

The teenagers and I found our way to the exclusive Kensington for a late lunch (oh-so-welcome) and found some more amazing views to take photographs of.


Please come back soon for some fairly massive news...

Bubblemaking man

Wall art in the funky restaurant

Pretty view - looks like France

Love the architecture of the British Society of Sculptures

Closer view - magical wall!

Much love

Louise xoxo

Ps if you click on the photos you can scroll through the post that way :)

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