Wednesday 1 July 2015

Writing a novel for #campNaNoWriMo

You may have seen #NaNoWriMo floating around the internet, especially on twitter.

My Dad asked me to speak English when I mentioned it!!! Are you wondering what it is too?

Well this video should explain it all if you don't already know what NaNoWriMo is about.  Basically it's an opportunity to write a novel in one month.  Usually takes place in November but July sees more relaxed rules and a minimum word count of 10,000 - which is the novella size I have opted for.

Without further ado I must get back to it.  Go watch the video for a cover reveal of my book and come back here often to find out more about it.  There have been many years past since I have written fiction and I'm very excited.  Romance....ahh..what's life without a bit of romance?

Much love as always

Along with some rainbows and unicorns thrown in for a nice balance after watching Jurrasic last night!

Louise xoxo

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