Thursday 30 July 2015

Autoimmune diet and me - my podcast!

Hey everyone!!!

I'm thrilled to bits to announce my new news!

iTunes have accepted my podcast request and you can now subscribe to my podcast over there! I'm chuffed to say the least.  I was thinking it would be so so complicated and as you know by now, I've lots of fingers in many pies already!

Life is busy already.

Although you will come to learn over the next few weeks on the podcast, that life has *got* to change for me.  It's a must!

So what is my podcast all about?

I have opted to not just chit chat (although there will be plenty of that in the beginning of the podcasts!) but the second part of the podcasts I'm going to niche right down to talk about making health better through using the right nutrition.
For myself,  you might well know by now that I have Crohns disease (among other things!) and this is one of many autoimmune diseases.

Just recently, I had a turning point, an AHA moment, if you will, and this has lead me to this place.

You may know I'm currently taking a degree in Human Nutrition and I love all things like that.  Perhaps I can help someone you know too.  So I will be starting to chat about this a little over on my Youtube channel too as well as all the usual Vlogs.  

This coming week, I will be putting up another show where you can see me opening up and speaking honestly about what made me decide to get back to the special autoimmune diet.  Also how I'm feeling now.

You will make my day if you come over for a listen and perhaps share. The great thing about podcasts is you can download them to listen offline,  just the same way as you would the latest album release (although the podcast is FREE).  You can listen in the car, in the gym etc so head over to the link below and find me on iTunes.  Let me know you've subscribed too.  I'd love to hear from you if you are a listener but definitely if you are also an autoimmune illness sufferer.

Meanwhile, wishing you much love

Louise xoxo 

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