Wednesday 27 April 2016

Slimming world weigh in results | week 1

Oh Gosh!!!

Now this was a fantastic start.  I wasn't expecting this.

I lost 7lbs! In my first week.  I had been really, really, really strict.  I loved this feeling.  I am feeling happier, healthier and just generally great!

Do I like slimming world?

The plan, yes, I find it is very encouraging of a healthier lifestyle.  More so than Weight watchers. Although I must say, there is still more talk than I would like about what food you can buy in Iceland.  Maybe that's simply the nutritionist in me!

Although in the group all we seem to do is go round and round discussing everyones weight gains or losses.  I would rather get tips for sticking to the plan and a little more motivation.

The group is super friendly which is amazing and super awesome! I'm also impressed with the consultant who leads it up too.

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Much love

Louise xoxo


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