Tuesday 9 August 2016

Are you 'down' because you don't have what you want?

Me too!

Yes, I know better but today I'm feeling blue.  You see, it takes just one little twinge in my back (in case you don't usually follow my blog I have this back issue) to set me off on the worry train.

What if I can't earn enough money?

What if this gets so bad I can't work?

What if this/that/something else?

I drive myself batty. 

So what is it with you?

Do you want  more money?  A better job?  A new lover?  To finally meet your soul mate?  The list is endless isn't it.  

This thing called life throws us obstacles.  Perhaps we are never meant to be 100% content, else is there a reason to keep driving forwards?

Sitting here and writing a list of what I could do if I had to stay home with a bad back, I realise there really is a dream there just waiting for my attention to create it.  Allowing it into my life like magic.
Yet, you know by now I don't believe the law of attraction is simply magic.  Give your thought to it yet.  Then set about creating it into reality.

I'm going to begin today.  I will pledge to you my one promise to myself, which is to share my latest video blogs which are over on my youtube channel.  Every company advertises, why should I be any different?  This way, my creations will get to more people and then there are more people to love what I do.  So I know this is going to take some work but this is an actionable step.

What actionable step can you take?

Sending you love

Louise xoxo

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