Tuesday 16 August 2016

Taking a trip to SITC

For the very first time, I am at the Excel in London for the 8th SITC.

Although I have visited the Excel many times for hair and beauty shows, this is my first visit to the SITC.

So what is it?
SITC stands for Summer in the City.  It's a convention/meet up for you tubers all across the world.  Just now, before grabbing my coffee (thanks, Costa) I have met up with the lovely Stephen from Eastbourne (you've likely seen him on my vlogs), James from Washington DC and Sonia from Ireland.  All online friends who I occasionally get to spend time with which is really special.

So what's the point in it all?  Can I learn anything here to help me create a better YouTube channel?  Maybe, I hope so.  Yet above all else I am beginning to do more things like this to inspire me.  To live the dream through the law of attraction.  Surrounding yourself with others of like mindedness is the way forward to create the life you love.  

Negative self talk and other doubters often stop us in our tracks and make us wonder if we are good enough/can we do this/should we do this and the list goes on with the chatter in our minds.

For me, knowing how the law of attraction works, limiting beliefs are the enemy.
Lack of allowing...

Goodbye to you all!

I feel I have something to offer the world in my wisdom.  Some may call it age!  I call it wisdom.  Ha ha.
Surely I must have learnt something from this tricky life I have led up until now.  Is this something I can share with the world and pass on to help others?  I believe I can.

And...we all know everything starts with a thought,  then with belief in tow we can start to make these manifestations reality.

So what is your thing?  What is the thing you want to do?
Do you feel there is something you would like to do for a way forward to help others too?
What is stopping you?  Does it feel a little conceited?  Because remember, only you live your life.  Only you are the one who has the unique gifts to offer that are bespoke to you.  

For me, the thing is passing on my life lessons to others.  Through writing and sharing some Vlogs in the meantime.  

Tell me, will you at least give it some thought?  Everything starts with a thought.....

Much love

Louise xoxo

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