Saturday 13 August 2016

Costa v Starbucks

I never was a fan of Starbucks.  Has this changed?

Read on...

On a TV show they showed a poll of who would possibly be a fan of costa, starbucks and cafe nero.  No shocks there.  I was in the Costa bracket, Scott in the cafe nero and my teenage twins in Starbucks!

Don't get me wrong, Costa still do the best Hot chocolates with REAL cream....but there is an unwelcome feeling for those laptop warriors like me.  Yet here I sit, happy to blog in my local Starbucks which is clean, quiet and in plenty supply of electric plug sockets!

So what about the coffee?  Does that really matter?  To me, it all tastes quite similar so long as the strength is the same.  Costa sometimes serve a little warm milk with a dash of the brown stuff in it these days.  Perhaps I just got used to starbucks stronger flavour (2 shots as standard I feel) as they serve this in our university coffee shop.  Thank goodness.  Helps with the Zzzzzz's.

More often than not, for most of us it isn't always about the coffee or whatever your tipple is.  The experience ranks so super highly with our reasoning for our return business.
Back in the day when I was training as a hospitality manager, we were advised that most of the venues I was managing would be frequented by couples.  Yet it would be the female of the party who decided on this place.  Hence, if the ladies toilets were not as nice as pie,  then you had blown it as a manager!

Well done both Costa and Starbucks.  I love both.  Life without the coffee shops is, for me, quite a dark place!!!

Much love

Louise xoxo

Ps what's your favourite?

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  1. Got to be Costa ( maybe because they seem to have the main franchise were I live) but made me smile about the toilets, that's so true! I once walked out of a restaurant because the ladies loo was just a disgrace! My hubby couldn't understand why. My reckoning was ' if that's the toilet's what's the kitchen like!' Just me being a bit OCD maybe but you hit the nail on the head. lol.
    Keep up the blogs Louise xx it's a pleasure to read , as it's real life and your words and advice help us through our day xxxx.
    .. Jackie G ...


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