Monday 22 August 2016

Our amazing party and a massive surprise - we got engaged!

Friday night saw a celebration meal.  Hosted by me and Scott.  Here's the story:

After we hosted my Dads "celebration of his life" party (he would like it to be called that) I felt that as a family we created an amazing day but it was just such a sad event that Dad wasn't there to enjoy and therefore we all struggled too.  On that day, I felt in my wisdom that we needed to host another get together and enjoy some sort of party at the same venue.

Setting to work with pen in hand, I created some ideas.  

Scott,  my ex-husband was the strength that got me through, the man who cried with me, held dads hand and sang (terribly) to the Beatles as Dad was taking his last breath. 

Our relationship isn't your typical love story and we have realised that older on in life we both feel a little 'set in our ways'.  Which means living together does not work for us!  You've likely heard the old saying 'can't live together can't be apart' well yes that's us.

When Scott was taken poorly with Myocarditis not long after we buried Dad, I was totally distraught.  It can be a killer.  What would I do without Scott?  I felt empty inside.  

Knowing the law of attraction and how it works, my best shot was to keep super positive and give Scott lots of hope and visions for the future.  We booked a dream holiday to Jamaica, not even knowing if he could fly.
I showed him more love than ever before and advised him on physical stuff like getting sleep, not stressing, cutting caffiene, eating healthily...only my close friend Stacey knew how I was trying to fix him.  Although she and I never spoke of this!

After a very traumatic day at the Royal Brompton hospital and Scott having a significant amount of tests, including a MRI with bells on, we stopped for dinner on the way home.  He seemed defeated.  This is a strong man who is in a powerful job.  There's nothing Scott can't do.  He was built with broad shoulders for that purpose.  
Steak was juicy as my mouth decided to take on a life of its own and I suggested that we really can't be without each other and perhaps we should accept that we are together for life, as friends but ones who don't want to be with anyone else!

When we went back a few weeks later for the results we were astounded.  Without going into it too much the news was more than favourable and the surgeon was dumbfounded as he has never quite seen something like this before.  
Knowing the law of attraction, I was having a quiet think to myself.  Was it the positivity that had helped? When I gave stacey the news she exclaimed, 
"You fixed his broken heart!"
I thought the same, I told her.  So now I'm in a place of amazing gratitude and hope for the future, knowing that Scott and I can prop each other up as old people!

This has now moved on to us celebrating our engagement last Friday and organising a ceremony for Jamaica.  Wow and Wow.


Me and Mum

Beautiful 14th century vault

Me and Scott - another shot at things!

Me and the beautiful Stacey

Our guests gasped, clapped and 'ahhed' as we surprised them with an announcement at our party.  You can see Scotts speech in this video:

Watch this space as I give you more information about those little things I added as extra touches to make any party special :)

Much love as always from a very happy

Louise xoxo

ps, see my ring here!

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