Tuesday 2 August 2016

#veda - the difference between last year and this year

Do you know what #veda is?

It stands for Vlog Everyday in August.

Last years videos were interesting as I took a camping trip and had lots of fun.  Although still confident, I was a little unsure where my online life might take me and at the time it still felt very much 'the dream'.

This August though, I am focused and determined with more 'guts' than ever before.

Knowing how my body is taking  a toll on the physical lifestyle I have led for so many years, there is a must element about making a career out of this blog and my Youtube channel.

Every single one of you who have subscribed, read a post and bought a book are totally in my heart.  Please leave a comment to let me know you are out there.  I'd love to say hi.  I get so many lovely comments over on my Youtube channel.  I love them all.

They make me smile :)

Enjoy last years #veda playlist here and I look forward to sharing my August with you all again in 2016.

With much love and gratitude

Louise xoxo


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