Saturday 26 November 2016

Why don't starbucks do gluten free?

What is good and what is bad about Starbucks?

Firstly, this is good and bad for me.  Of course.  My opinion.  Not anyone else will find the same things and of course it will also depend on where you visit.  You see as I sit and write here, this shop is pretty empty and quiet and I love that there are loads of other people on their laptops too!  Many students I expect as we have my campus which shares the campus with 2 other universities too. 

I also love the coffee. Except for the one time they ran out of soya and I had to have it with coconut milk which is most unpleasant. 

Just one thing….where are the gluten free muffins?  In fact, where are the gluten free anything?  Jeez even the smoked almonds contain gluten on the dusting on the outside.   Why no gluten free products?  There are dried fruit and nut bags which frankly don’t hit the spot!

When will you be catering for celiacs like me Starbucks?  You do everything else so well!

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