Sunday 4 June 2017

Videos of Majorca travel

Do you love watching Youtube?  Have a little look at this:

I'm chuffed to say I'm off travel vlogging once more. Head on over and come have a look at my videos in Majorca

Already, since my last blog post, I feel I'm beginning to look better.  Sure am feeling better, heck I even got some sleep. Waking at daylight time twice now!  Resetting my circadian rhythms as I read "Wired to Eat", educating myself more in the past couple of days than the entire time in University.   Perhaps, that's just me realising what I want to learn and what I need to learn.

Meanwhile, I feel how much my heart sings while I write my blogs, take these photos and edit the videos for you all to see.  Easy to share the love there.  Easy to feel my heart led passions there...

Do me a favour? Head over to the Youtube channel above and help me with my passions.  Subscribe and watch, comment on here.  Show me your own blogs. Let's share the love between us to fill all our passions.

Much love as always

Louise xoxo


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