Monday 12 June 2017

Why I owe you a big apology!

I'm sorry.  So so sorry.

You are the most important thing on my blogosphere.  You must know that right? If not, let me tell you then I tell you why...

I think about you all day, pretty much every day.  You are on my mind and in my thoughts.  I remember I must tell you this and that, writing out the muse in my mind in a way I feel is creative enough to warrant that keyboard under my fingertips before I get a chance.
It's not about the writing, its about the reading. 

The readers...YOU.

Why do I need to apologise to you?  IT's on my mind to write to you constantly then I don't.
Bedtime comes around and I have talked myself out of writing. For whatever reason there might be.   I'm tired, I've got off the boil, I'm tired.  Yet what is the number 1 thing I want to be doing with my time when I'm not at work work or looking after the family? It's writing to you guys.

Now you see there have been many times of late when those 'monkey chatters' have been going round and round my mind telling me to do something sensible with my time. Something credible. Something that will make me a solid grounding amount of money to take care of the family.
Yet is that really what I want to be doing?  Is that what will fill my cup,  feed my soul and get the bit between my teeth in this journey called life?

The law of attraction has been fluent in my life for around 4 years now, yet still I tweak it and play around with it, arguing with it.  Then along it comes with a bang to tell me, "Not like that, like this."  More than ever before I feel it.  i feel a calling with such strength to tell you my stories, to teach what i know and to help you along your law of attraction journey too. I had never forgotten that.  Yet needed reminding.

You may know through my other posts or by my social media (especially Instagram which I have been active on lately) that I'm doing lots of travelling. I'm loving it.  Every day I mentally write  a blog post to you all with cute photos the minute I get a chance yet still they haven't made the cute to this blog.  They will.  As will my stories.  

Clarity hit me right between the eyes this afternoon as excuses be gone.  Not a chance in the world that I will sit and take that sensible chance.  I'm a writer.  It's in my heart.  In my crazy blonde curly hair and in my life.

Me, my crazy hair and a bit of travel

I will write for you guys.  Help me by reading my blog...

Love always

Louise xoxo 

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