Friday 2 June 2017

Time to travel to Majorca

Majorca.  The island of blue skies and blue waters reflecting within the sandy beaches.

I love Majorca.  Had to believe it has taken me so long to find this place in my life.

Here for two weeks to relax, read, educate myself and get things moving along in my health, Scott and I have headed to the mountains.  Fully intending to take care of myself (the little things like a proper skincare routine),  I'm going to take time out of life to show myself some love.

Here's a couple of photos, I feel I need to write more but my early morning sees me super tired today.

Waiting for a bus!

In the airport lounge

On the plane!

Look at the coastline of Majorca

I never tire of this view.

Tired but happy with the balcony.


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