Monday 11 June 2018

Give up the negative story and step into your new life.

Brendon Burchard.  A genius in my eyes.  He has 'a way' about him which is quite incredible.  Explaining how we can create a better life for ourselves in one way or another. Carving something good out of the inevitable bad which happens to us along the way.  Something I strive to do each day and yet something about his words seem to have helped make some sense of what I might need to do to enable this to happen. 

Listening to Audible, the High Performance Habits audio book by Brendon was quite life altering.  After many hours of having him as my companion while I drive around, being busy about my day, things began to come very clear indeed.  No less the fact that I have been telling myself (not so much other people but definitely myself) my negative story.  This needs to be let go. Always, there are others who can top my story. Always, there will be reasons in which I can use this as a block to stop me from living the fulfilling life I wish to live.  
You see there is so much I write on my list of 'to do's' and not enough of the actual doing in order to get this all done.  This is a flaw of mine.  I know exactly what's stopping me too.  I'm worried.  Of not earning the money.  Of not being a success while I actually get there.  Yet all the while, the worry is only disabling me from that actual doing-ness of getting things done in order to succeed and know the worry was for nothing.

More than this, I worry that I will never fulfil my dreams, my purpose.  

Trying to explain this in a Motivational Monday video today was a bit gobbledegook.
Why don't those words flow as I want them to when I know exactly through my own errors in ways how I want to help others to stop making the same mistake.

In a nutshell, we all have negative stories and things that make us feel really sad or blue or use as a reason not to do 'the thing' that we really want to be doing.  Reaching out to others in this situation is frequently an absolute necessity. Preventing depression and mental health issues must be a total priority. Yes, of course.  Yet to tell the same story over and over won't change it's history but you could try and decided to at least TRY and park it somewhere while you get on with the thing you really want to be doing and finally decide it's not going to be your demon any longer, ruling you against your dreams. 

You got this!

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