Friday 29 June 2018

Ups and downs of knowing the law of attraction

Today sees me with strange moods.  

I can only guess that it was after yesterdays blog post talking about me stepping into my reality, (then today getting disturbed by mother). I was in the log cabin getting lots of work done and her disturbing me (she has dementia) made me realise this isn't going to be easy.

The journey I have been on for so many years now has finally brought me to the place of saying "YES! I am a writer!" And I guess rather like waiting for an elusive book deal, then realising you are finally there - and I guess like after your wedding day - you realise everything is still the same, with life ups and downs.

Learning about the law of attraction has been a tricky time and an entire blog post needs to follow with lots of details on this. It's not the answer to finding the cup of gold at the end of the rainbow but rather takes lots of learning to get your head around.  Stopping the feelings of guilt when you aren't 'thinking right' is a big old journey in itself.

So, just for today I will sit in Starbucks with my faithful friend and do a little writing.


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