Monday 4 January 2021

January said...


A new week? New year? New working opportunities? Or just labels which fuel anxious pressures?

The tree is on the driveway now, shedding needles. ‘Don’t you get them in your feet,’ Mum would yell when we were children.

Excitement we felt heading into Kings wood farm to choose our tree is history now, seeming long ago. Christmas, something to be excited about at last, was the twinkle in our eyes, our reason to smile. We would wake with those fuzzies and switch on the warm white fairy lights in the darkness of the early morning. We still felt the magic of Christmas, despite 2020.

Now I stand in the starkness of the clean and tidy living room and nod. ‘Hmm, nice and tidy,’ I think as I look around. Yup. Nice and tidy. Fact.

Has it gone; that magic? Or have we closed ourselves to it instead? After all, it is January. That bleak, dark and cold month which carries a thousand pressures to catch up at work, adhere to new shiny rules the boss saw fit to create. January is long.

Of course, we could decide to leave those anxieties on the pillowcase as we begin this working week. We might realise that this is just like any other day, except for the label we have given it. Pressures were there in December; but with fairy lights. Seeming to have the answers to that magic feeling, the decorations and the Christmas warmth enveloped us with its love. Now they are gone. So it’s down to you. And me. It’s up to us to own this day, smash the worries to pieces. We have totally got this in control and we are going to see the magic in January too. Because that is simply who we are.

We are strong. We are achievers. We want the best for ourselves and those around us. Facing January darkness, we need excitement here too.  Warm scarves, flasks in the car, working from home with hot water bottles, lighting candles. Finishing the day with a proud sigh, eating slow cooked meals in front of the fire. Early nights and less rushing around, and of course, memories of the love we felt from those who mattered just last week. If we didn’t feel it, they didn’t matter.

‘Let’s do this.’ January said.


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