Friday 14 February 2014

Law of attraction video to inspire you

She's bleating on again about the Law of Attraction..............

Yes guys, that's right.  Here I am hoping to share some love for you if you are in the throws of ever wondering if you can change your life.

Today,  I sat down to eat breakfast and type into Google "law of attraction vlog" to see if anyone else was doing what I do on my Youtube channel sometimes.  Very often I find big,  important gurus walking a stage with grace and ease,  discussing the ways in which you can change your thoughts and change your life.

Of course,  I'm all for 'action' too - this is important! Needless to say. Wishes alone aren't enough.  Anyhow,  I found  a wonderful video with a truly miraculous story of a lady interviewed by Oprah.

Have a look at my video intro and you can click the link in the description to see this video.  Let me know what you think.

If you take the action I explain in the video - feel free to email your desires to

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Love always

Louise xoxoxo


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