Sunday 16 February 2014

Law of attraction to make your life better!

Hello folks - are you well?
Do you remember I sent a blog about Jon Gabriel?  Well not only is this email a brilliant way to get more LOA info for free regarding your health and stuff but also I'm going to briefly tell you about my story of weight loss and the law of attraction.

Some years ago now I was unhappy with my weight.  I was with a client one day and she told me about "the secret" 

It was funny because I really didn't believe her when she told me all I  had to do was believe I could achieve a certain weight and it would happen.  It did happen - just 18 months later! Freaky or what.  I wrote a book about this stuff:

Now over to the other guys! Go and sign up.  Although this is a FREE product, any further products you buy will be on my affiliate link and I will earn a commission for introducing you.  Go on, support me!
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Listen up. This is about your single biggest asset for abundance: your health.

A few days ago, body transformation pioneer Jon Gabriel polled thousands of people struggling to lose weight.

He asked them a few questions about their lifestyle to figure out which of the 9 "Fat Triggers" were holding them back. 

And after calculating the results, he found there are two Fat Triggers that are by far the most common:

1) Chronic Dieting 
2) Lifestyle Stress

Point one has to qualify as irony. 

When we asked Jon about it, he explained that dieting - that thing we do to lose weight - actually makes us fat by thrusting us into a nutritional famine and forcing our bodies to store fat.

Point two is a little less surprising. Just look at the number of people stressed out as they juggle careers, families and personal lives.

Jon says Fat Triggers are inevitable. Everyone has them.

And what's important is what you DO about them:

>>> It's time for the next step

On Tuesday June 4th, Jon will be hosting an online broadcast where he'll reveal the world-famous mind-body weight loss approach that has baffled doctors and the media.

And you're invited to take part.

If you've been looking to lose weight the enlightened way - or even if you just want to be healthier and feel more energetic...

This is one of the most important events you'll attend all year.

Here's what you can look forward to:

* You'll discover Jon's remarkable mind-body process for eliminating Fat Triggers (which he used to lose 220 lbs in two-and-a-half years with ZERO dieting, exercise routines, pills or surgery)

* You'll learn why traditional weight loss methods like dieting and exercise routines aren't just ineffective - they actually MAKE you fat (no weight loss guru or fitness expert will ever tell you this)

* You'll be taken through an immersive visualization exercise where Jon will switch off one of your Fat Triggers on the spot. A unique and transformational experience.

* You'll follow along as Jon helps real-life volunteer Ashley uncover and break free from her Fat Triggers.

We just need to point out that this is going to be an experiential broadcast.

Watching a documentary on TV is a passive experience. This is the exact opposite.

You'll be taking down notes. You'll dive deep into your own subconscious during the exercise.

Jon's method has already helped over 350,000 people where diets, exercise, and doctors have failed. And during the broadcast you?ll get to see him add one more to that number ? during a live case study with Ashley, who?s struggled with her weight since age 7.

So clear up your schedule, mark the time in your calendar, or write it on a sticky note and stick it to your wall...

And get ready for an experience that will transform your mind and body.

>>> Go here to RSVP (it's free)


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