Tuesday 11 February 2014

Hot cross buns and poorly babies

There are times when only chicken soup will do it. 

Other times, a hot cross bun with butter is just lovely.  Not for me of course, Miss Coeliac... But for my poorly twins. 
They have a flu type of thing and have to stay off school today. 

While this is not great news for schooling, it's pretty good for me!

I've been able to do a couple of clients work this morning and for the afternoon get my blogs and newsletters up to date! You might notice on the right hand of the screen you can now sign up for my Law of Attraction/self help/ positivity emails (please support me). 

The other great news is I've started working on a revision for my LOA book which will be published on smashwords!
I'm close to finishing my next book and closer than I was to finishing my IVF story too!

I've at least 3 more manuscripts half baked in my head but one step at a time. 

Poorly teenagers, iPads, hot cross buns. 
Mummy writing her passions!

How was your day?

Louise xoxo

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