Wednesday 12 February 2014

Weight loss by law of attraction

Hey there folks - You know me and the Law of attraction oh so well….let's talk about your abundance from a different angle today.

It's pretty obvious that worrying about money is bad for you.

The late nights at the office, the anxiety about paying the bills, the fear that you'll never have to chance to really live out your dreams...

It's stressful. It's exhausting.

>>> And it might be the REAL reason you can?t seem to shake that extra 20 lbs.

As I began to read this I was thinking - really?  Could this be why I lost weight then regained and lost again - I mean, I like chocolate yes,  but the differences in my weight have been very odd.

It sounds weird, right? But a few years back, biochemical researcher Jon Gabriel made an incredible discovery about the human body.

He found there are 9 "Fat Triggers" in your life that condition your body to get and stay fat - no matter what you eat or how much you exercise.

And when you're dealing with stress day in and day out, it actually elevates cortisol levels in your body, activating your FAT programs. That's why people in high stress jobs or troubled financial situations are more likely to be overweight. 

It goes even deeper than that, though. You may have deeply buried the feelings that there's a "lack" or "not enough" in your life...that you have to "save as much as possible"...

And that causes your body to WANT to store fat. You're sending a message to your body that you have to save and the only resource your body can save is fat. In essence, your body is trying to help you save.

What's really mind-blowing though is that once you learn how to switch off your Fat Triggers... 

Your body will start programming itself to be slim and healthy on autopilot.

Worth a shot, don't you think?

Jon has created a free 3-minute test that will reveal your primary Fat Trigger.

Just answer a few simple questions, and find out the real reason your body could be working against you instead of for you: *

>>> Take the 3-minute Fat Trigger test 

Louise xoxoxox

Slimmer me looking happy!


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