Monday 24 February 2014

Sam Faiers from Towie has Crohns just like me

So the big news is out.

So sad for Sam from Towie.  Did you see last nights episode?  Poor Sam finally let us know what the 'being ill' in the Big Brother house was all about.  She has been diagnosed with Crohns disease.

Another one of us.  Just like me.

I cried,  actually.

Why?  Because my little girl was watching it with me.  Trying to always stay positive and upbeat I do manage my illness quite well through diet (thank goodness) and I'm able to get through most days without complaining about my illness.  As my princess asked,

"Why are they crying like that Mummy?"  I took a deep breath and said,  
"Sometimes, sweetheart it can be quite a nasty illness until you get as well as mummy has."

Although in truth,  it brought the severity of the situation home.  I was sad for me.  This is not the life I had planned for myself and I am so lucky that I am as well as I am (some folks really struggle constantly).  Reassuringly thankful for my health,  I must make it look easy.  Watching Sam on Towie last night took me straight back to my diagnosis.

Now,  of course,  over the internet sufferers of IBD are slating how little information was passed over on This Morning (link within) . They like to scream out how much pain they are in,  how much surgery they have had,  how limiting this illness can make your life.  
Of course they would feel like that but I think This morning have done a great job of bringing the basics to the public eye here.  
Sam,  Dr Chris and the This Morning team have given Crohns some much needed media attention.

Let's look on the brighter side!

There are amazing organisations out there who can help.  There is funding for new bedding and such.  There are buddy schemes.  The NHS really look after me in my local hospital and I'm seen every 3 months for blood tests and check overs.

Such organisations as the NACC (Now named Crohns and Colitis UK) do some really great fund raising.  Every year we have a London walk which my family all go along to in our NACC t shirts and raise a bit of money for the charity.
Having issues which mean you sometimes need to use the toilet in a hurry can be problematic for sufferers.  
The NACC give you a "can't wait" card when you become a member.  This helps you Que jump if you need to! Very handy for trying to get on with life.

Our london walk back in 2009

Being honest,  there is so much information for you to know if you think you may have some symptoms the same as Sams.  Best you  look on the website link above for the expert advice as there is so much to learn.  Get to see your GP asap too for tests and a diagnosis.

For me,  I adapted immediately to a special diet called the Specific Carbohydrate diet.  Many doctors (including my own) say there is no linked evidence to diet and the disease.  Yet it's a digestive tract - duh! 
Surely there is.  
My research agrees with me.  Within 3 weeks of the above diet,  my symptoms had decreased and they had been talking surgery with me.  So I was very lucky to be so scared into motivation that I was an angel and 100% played along with the diet.

If you have any sort of tummy issues at all - even simple bloating - I would urge you to try the diet.  Here's a link for you.

Without even trying this diet (a natural way to get better!) then you will never know how well you can be.  I'd never realised that I'd been feeling rough all my life until I tried this.  I've advised so many others to get on it and they were always glad of that advice!

So good luck Sam on your recovery - still looking gorgeous - and keep smiling sweetheart!

Much love to you all as always

Louise xoxoxox

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