Saturday 9 May 2015

Using the Law of Attraction to pass exams

Ok, I know the title of this blog post sounds mad.  Yet it made you click.  Likely you thought it might contain information about MAGIC.

You were right to click.  

Yes a little magic happened today!

Awake just before 4am with a racing heart, feeling anxious.  Biology exam looming.  It was my final exam in Biology.  I’d always prided myself on having a good knowledge in human biology. 

Despite amazing and slightly surprising exam results so far, I was not overly confident this morning on the Genes, Metosis and Meiosos exam.  Jeez did I spell that right?  My spell checker is not a fan, underlining in RED.

Revising with a blurry eyed coffee, my results were not encouraging.  Practice papers were coming back anything between 30 and 60%.  I needed higher than that to secure my A in Biology.  Feeling low, I noticed how dry my eyes were at around 6.30am.  Deciding I could afford a 15 minute meditation, I began to visualise a better score.  I visualised being happy with my result.  I started with 75% and grew higher and higher.  I dozed for 2 minutes. 

On the train I was once again feeling less than confident.  The escalators to the tube saw me controlling my breathing as I attempted to rid my dizziness and heart flutters.  What was I going to do?  How was I going to pass this?  I even contemplated not going in as there was little point.

The trains brought me into University early today.  Time for peppermint tea and revision. It was going well.  
I got to the exam room.

Teacher informed me I was too early. 
“I could always revise?” I suggested.  He agreed.  More revision.

‘Universe, give me the questions I know.’ I silently pleaded in my mind.

At the end of the online test the results button confirmed my new-found confidence as I began ticking the answers. I felt the sides of my mouth upturning and my frown lessen as I realised the questions were in my favour.

Gee Whizz…….85%

I passed that with 85%!!!!


Overall score for Biology this year is an A. Chuffed to bits doesn’t even explain it!

Shattered from my early morning I sit and type on the train home. Pleased with myself.  Clear on my future direction.  Happy as a sandboy.

Looking forward to my weekend, my TV time with Harley and Jasmine.  Maybe a dairy milk ice cream.  Tomorrow I revise for Chemistry.  The LOA will struggle with that one. I’ve a limiting belief and it’s another story.

Right now, I’ll close my eyes and dream of a 75% score in Tuesdays chemistry test.  Let it go Lou. 
Universe, help me!

Much love, as always from a very happy bunny!

Louise xoxo

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